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Journal of Leukocyte Biology

February 2018: Frontline Science


Macrophage instructs neutrophil death

Spotlight on Leading Edge Research

Frontline Science: Macrophage‐derived exosomes promote neutrophil necroptosis following hemorrhagic shock

Special Focus Issue: Infection and Immunity
Guest Editors: Ash Mansell, Jamie Triccas, Chris Tonkin, and Greg Moseley
This issue also features selected reviews and articles from the Lorne Infection & Immunity Conference 2017, Lorne, Australia; including:

The role of MDA5 in the development of autoimmune disease
Group A streptococcal pharyngitis: Immune responses involved in bacterial clearance and GAS‐associated immunopathologies
Activation of the sympathetic nervous system modulates neutrophil function


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Group A streptococcal pharyngitis: immune responses involved in bacterial clearance and GAS-associated immunopathologies

Left to right: Amelia T. Soderholm and Mark J. Walker

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