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Molecular mechanisms of inflammasome signaling

Left to right: Chinh Ngo, Wei Hong Tan, Si Ming Man, Daniel Fox, Jenni Hayward, Anukriti Mathur, and Shouya Feng


Memory B cell heterogeneity: remembrance of things past

Left to right: Gretchen Harms-Pritchard, Ph.D. and Marion Pepper, Ph.D


Activation of the sympathetic nervous system modulates neutrophil function

Left to right: Kathryn Prame Kumar, Raymond Shim, Alyce Nicholls (First author), Connie Wong (Corresponding author), Shu Wen Wen, Sj Shen, and Brooke Wanrooy

5MA0517207R_photo 2_small_preview.jpeg

Perturbed CD8+ T cell immunity across universal influenza epitopes in the elderly

From left to tight: Dr Oanh Nguyen, Professor Katherine Kedzierska, Sneha Sant and Dr Liyen Loh


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Group A streptococcal pharyngitis: immune responses involved in bacterial clearance and GAS-associated immunopathologies

Left to right: Amelia T. Soderholm and Mark J. Walker

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