Why Publish in JLB

Dear colleague,

We are fortunate that we have a journal that is entirely run by, serves, and supports our community. In addition to serving as the main medium for disseminating the science of the Society for Leukocyte Biology (SLB), JLB also serves an important role for SLB through revenue generation.

JLB's impact goes well beyond its readers

100% of all of journal proceeds go directly to support:

  • Peer community building and networking (yearly SLB meetings)
  • Junior investigator professional development training
  • Women and diversity initiatives for junior/established faculty
  • Graduate student and postdoc travel meeting scholarships
  • Member Journal Clubs
  • General SLB operations and lower costs for student memberships
  • JLB author benefits (i.e., journal features, web site, offsetting page and color charges, etc.)

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JLB stands for excellence and peer recognition

JLB has maintained its impact factor whereas many journals have dropped as the journal landscape has grown. The reason JLB has remained strong is that:

  • JLB is a brand name that stands for excellence and a well-known community of peers
  • JLB has no submission fee and no color charges
  • Reviews completed in less than 23 days
  • Reviewers and editors maintain high standards for content
  • Our science gets cited in new manuscripts being drafted
  • We employ professional artists to redraw all editorial and review manuscript figures

By choosing to submit, you will determine JLB’s influence and significance

Publishing in JLB benefits us as a scientific community, not shareholders, as is the case for many commercial journals. I know the pressure to publish by impact factor alone is intense, yet I also know you get to decide where your best science goes as well as what science you decide to cite each time you draft a new paper. We need to remember that citing journals we want to support when relevant (i.e., introduction or discussion) will directly contribute to the impact factor of those journals.

I know you have many choices of where to submit. I welcome your consideration< to submit to JLB as you also consider factors listed below:

  • Which journal and community gets to benefit from your best science?
  • How your manuscript will define the future impact factor of the journal you chose to submit?
  • Who will ultimately benefit from the revenue generated from your science?

I trust this rationale as to why publishing and supporting JLB matters to us all will provide you with added reasons of why submitting your best science here will not only result in a return of benefits to you but many in our scientific community.

Thank you for reading this message and for your support of JLB.

I look forward to your submission.

Sincerely yours
Luis J. Montaner, D.V.M., M.Sc., D.Phil.


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No Manuscript Submission Fee
Average Time to First Decision: 23 Days
In the Top 25% of Cited Hematology Journals
In the Top 25% of Cited Immunology Journals
Average Monthly Web Hits: 333,142

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